City Flower Department Stores & Hyper Markets

Social Responsibilities

City Flower has firmly bonded with all communities with its tradition of approach ability by cultural, social, educational & charity supports. It’s always supported Charitable organizations & institutions in Saudi Arabia in their transparent humanitarian deeds and Socio cultural activities. In order to foster cultural and social activities, City Flower conducts a range of programs of its own like the popular City Flower Shopping Festival also known as CSF.

About City Flower Synergy

Being a responsible business network, City Flower understands the importance of social obligation. Mr. Fahad Abdul Kareem Al Ghurameel, Chairman of Fleeriya Group is of the view that the business of the group should have a commitment to the society where we dwell. This great vision has lead to the birth of ‘City Flower Synergy’.

The name ‘Synergy’ derived from the Greek word ‘synergia’ meaning group work. As the name indicated, this would be a platform to promote group effect.

City Flower synergy is formed to enhance the inborn and acquired intellectual skills of children. This will help personality development, leadership skill and promote Socio-cultural activities.

Area of Work

  • To Identify and promote inborn and acquired intellectual skills of children.
  • To work for personality development of children.
  • To do activities enhancing leadership qualities of children.
  • To develop the artistic, sports and other abilities of children.
  • To liaise with other reputed & established organizations in the area of common interest.

Till the date Synergy has conducted three programs in association with the prominent organizations in Saudi Arabia. ie;  Science Expo , a workshop named ‘You in You’ in association with CIGI( Center for Information and Guidance ,India).

Science Expo was conducted for expat children to explore their talents in the field of science as part of our shopping festival. The students representing prominent schools in Riyadh had  got a golden opportunity to present their own sceintifical discoveries to around 5000 viewers in CSF. The expo was a milestone and a memorable experience for the children and their parents in the history of Synergy events .

The  workshop ‘You in You’ was held at Modern International School Auditorium. The program was conducted in association with CIGI( Center for Information and Guidance ,India), a non-profitable NGO, dedicated towards providing development opportunities for youth, children and women of the Indian community. The program was an interaction session with students to find out themselves what they are.

Another event was an interaction with Grand Master GS Pradeep who is a famous Indian television personality. It was a wonderful experience for the students to grab new areas of the learning and education.GS Pradeep imparted the valuable information to the students.